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Documentation is available in text format inside the downloadable archive file. There is also a full PDF version, originally created by Diego Arimany and now mantained by us. Thanks Diego!
-Where can I get the latest version of Labrador?
    Right here!
- Is Labrador free?
    Yup, Completely free! Just go to the downloads page and get it now!  ;-)
-How does Labrador work?
    First you create a rules file indicating which files in your system you wish to monitor and what attributes to check. Labrador will then generate a database file from your rules file, and from now on you can use Labrador whenever you want to search for any modifications in the registered files.
- What kind of information about my files can Labrador store?
    You can set Labrador to keep dates such as last modification and access, file signatures using  different algorithms like MD5, SHA1 and Whirlpool (just to name a few), file type, permissions, size, among several other attributes. Check here for a complete listing.
- But other integrity checkers/HIDS already do that (to some extent). Why would I use Labrador instead of those?
    Glad you asked! Besides being multiplatform, Labrador also has a lot of other features not seen in similar programs. He can enforce policy and integrity compliance by warning you whenever a new file is created (or deleted) in a given directory, and perform much more tests like these. Plus it let's you actually restore your system to it's original state if you set it accordingly. See here for a complete listing of all of Labrador's features!
- I found a bug in Labrador. What do I do?
    Please use Sourceforge's Bug Tracking System indicating what the problem is and how to reproduce it, so it can be fixed. You can also send an email to pechkov (at)
- I have a question not listed here. What do I do?
    Please check the full documentation for it, as only the most frequently asked questions are here. If you can't find it there either, post it on the public forums or send me an email.
- Who is the author?
    Labrador was created and is currently maintained by Breno G. de Oliveira in a joint project between Clavis Information Security and GRIS (UFRJ's CSIRT).



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